The Best Whiskey Decanter Reviews

Whiskey DecanterWhether you prefer something more Irish than Scotch, like blended whiskies more than single malts, or you have no preference at all, each whiskey option can benefit from being placed into a decanter. Bottles are fine for storage, but a bottle doesn’t allow the whiskey to breathe a little bit. Whiskey stuck in a liquor cabinet is also whiskey that won’t be consumed. Decanters turn you preferred beverage into a true art form.

The Best Chart for Whiskey Decanters

When looking at whiskey decanter reviews, you’ll find that there are many different styles, options, and materials used to make a high quality decanter these days. The chart below narrows down your search by providing you with options that are proven to meet your needs.

ImageNameOur RatingPrice
ImageNameOur RatingPrice
Bormioli Rocco Selecta 33.75 Ounce Decanter4.3$
Excalibur Italian Made 5pc Decanter Set3.8$$$
The Wine Enthusiast Lexington Whiskey Decanter4.5$$$
Bormioli Rocco Dedalo 26.33 Ounce Decanter4.4$
Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter4.9$$$$
Godinger Aberdeen Whiskey Decanter4.6$$$
Bormioli Rocco Selecta 7-Piece Set4.4$$
Godinger Dublin Whiskey Decanter4.6$$
James Scott Crystal Decanter4.4$$$
Dublin Triangular Crystal Decanter by Godinger4.7$$

What Is a Whiskey Decanter and Why Do I Need One?

You’ll put wine into a decanter to help it breathe and provide a consistent quality with every glass. To some extent, this is also needed with whiskey. Although you don’t want the whiskey to breathe too long because the alcohol will actually evaporate when exposed to the atmosphere, a little breathing can go a long way toward developing an incredible aroma and deeper flavor to your preferred spirit.

Some will say that a whiskey decanter is purely for decoration. For some this statement might be true, but it doesn’t apply to every whiskey. If you’re purchasing a blended whiskey, for example, you can use a decanter to replicate some of the aging process to heighten the experience, yet not need to worry about the inconsistencies that a single malt or small batch whiskey can provide from time to time.

The secret to finding the best decanter possible is to look at how the container is capped. You need a strong, airtight cap, lid, or topper to prevent the evaporation process from happening. Glass and crystal decanters that are glass-on-glass or crystal-on-crystal will not provide this seal. Look for decanters that offer an actual seal on the cap, lid, or topper that will provide a barrier between your preferred materials.

How to Find the Whiskey Decanter That Is Right for Me

You’ve got two basic options when it comes to the materials from which a decanter is made: glass or crystal. Each option also has various grades that are available to consumers today. If you do want the elegance of a crystal decanter, however, it is important to find one that is lead-free so you can safely store your whiskey.

Why does the crystal need to be lead-free? Leaded crystal is often the most affordable version of a decanter, but because the proof of whiskey is so strong, the lead can actually seep into the drink you or your guest is about to pour. In just 2 days of storage, a 75% full decanter of whiskey may contain up to 100 micrograms of lead per serving. With 60-90 days of storage, it can approach levels that are considered to be unsafe.

If the amount of lead is so small, why even mention the concern? Lead levels don’t just come out of the body on their own, they get stored. Over several months or years, if you’re consuming beverages from lead-crystal decanters at 100 micrograms per serving, potentially severe health problems can begin to develop.

The cap, lid, or topper is also an important consideration. When the decanter is a glass-on-glass or crystal-on-crystal option, any rough usage of the decanter in taking off or putting on the cap, lid, or topper can cause shards to come off of it or the decanter. These shards can then enter your whiskey and put people at a higher risk for injury. Be gentle with this type of decanter if you already own one or elect to purchase one to avoid this risk.

The Advantages of Owing the Best Whiskey Decanter

Once you’ve found a safe whiskey decanter that meets your decorative needs, you’re ready to take advantage of having your preferred beverage in this container. The #1 advantage is availability. Not only does a whiskey decanter make your favorite beverage look incredible, but it also makes it easy for you or your guests to pour a drink at your home bar.

Many decanters also come in sets so you don’t have to worry about finding matching glasses to the style of your decanter. In the case of triangular decanters, however, you’ll find that decanter sets tend to keep the cut, embossing, or other forms of personalization across each item instead of sharing the shape.

And here’s maybe the most important advantage of all: you can keep the whiskey you prefer to yourself and pour an alternative bottle into the decanter. Because of the natural aging process that comes from the small amount of atmospheric contact that the whiskey receives, even the most affordable whiskies have deeper flavors and pronounced aromas when you pull the cap, lid, or topper off of the decanter to pour a drink. This engages the senses and makes a $10 bottle feel like one that is 4x the cost.

What Are the Prices of the Best Whiskey Decanters?

When scouring the best whiskey decanter reviews, product descriptions, and manufacturer variations, we found that most home bars can find a suitable product for around $30. This includes both glass and crystal options. Non-leaded crystal tends to be about 40% higher in cost, so you may wish to keep that in mind as you are shopping for the perfect product. Glass-on-glass or crystal-on-crystal caps, lids, and toppers tend to be a little cheaper than those with an actual seal that locks the atmosphere out of the decanter for good.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Bormioli Rocco

There are a lot of good things going on with this whiskey decanter. Although it does have a plastic-wrapped topper that seems a little cheesy when you’re using the decanter, the rest of the experience is definitely high quality. The patterning is reminiscent of the classic sunburst patterns in crystal, which means this decanter can coordinate with several different types and brands of whiskey glasses. It’s easy to clean, looks beautiful when full, and will invite people at your home bar to want to have a drink without you needing to say a word.

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Are you the type of person who would rather buy a $50 bottle of Scotch or a $20 bottle of bourbon instead of the premium top shelf items of the rich and famous? You don’t need to spend extra on a fancy whiskey decanter to entertain family and friends properly at your home bar when your focus is on quality over price. This decanter and glass set will give you the glassware your home bar needs without affecting the flavors or aromas of your favorite whiskey. The decanter has a plastic seal to prevent glass shards in your whiskey – a nice added feature.

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Wine Enthusiast

If you’re ready to take your whiskey enjoyment to the next level, then this is the whiskey decanter that can help to make it happen. This decanter is hand-blown, so no two decanters are exactly alike. There’s a definite weight to this decanter as well, adding to the quality of the user experience. It has a contemporary look with rounded corners, but that’s to your benefit as well because it can hold other spirits or liquors without spoiling them as well. This is one investment you might just want to make for your home bar or for general use.

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If you’re a lot like me, then you’ve got some beefy hands and clumsy fingers that don’t like a small decanter topper. You try to delicately remove that topper with a couple of fingers and it invariably falls out of your hand, hits the floor, and you’re stuck washing it up to prevent icky stuff from getting into your whiskey. That’s why I love the Aberdeen decanter from this brand. It has a tall topper that is easy to grasp, yet still has a traditional cut and shape to it that speaks of elegance. You get the best of all worlds when this decanter is with your home bar setup.

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James Scott

This isn’t the largest whiskey decanter you’ll ever find. It only holds 750ml, so basically just one bottle. That’s large enough for most home bars, however, because let’s face it – you don’t really want to break out the good whiskey unless you’re having an intimate gathering. The Irish cut on this decanter is beautiful and it leads to a secure grip at the same time. Make sure you hand wash this incredible decanter, however, and hand dry it with a soft cloth for best results. A dishwasher will leave a film on this decanter that you just can’t get out.

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The best whiskey decanter reviews will help you find the perfect addition to your home bar. Your favorite whiskey deserves to be a centerpiece item. These decanters will help to make that happen with a simplistic beauty that works in every home. Get yours today and you will experience whiskey in a whole new way.