The Best Portable Ice Maker Reviews

When you want to have a drink on the rocks and there is no ice, what do you do? If you had a portable ice maker for your home bar, you wouldn’t have to scramble up to the kitchen to see if someone turned on the ice maker in the freezer or stocked it up with fresh ice cube trays. This highly affordable tool is a must-have for the home bar and here are the reviews that can help make that happen.

The Best Chart for Portable Ice Makers

How many pounds of ice do you need to make if everyone comes over for a visit? And how fast does the ice get made? These questions and more are answered by the best portable ice maker reviews that you’ll find further down. The chart below is a great place to get started.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Igloo Stainless Steel Counter Top Ice Maker4.4$$$
EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker4.4$$$
Avalon Bay Heavy Duty Ice Maker4.2$$$
iGloo Compact Ice Maker3.9$$
NewAir 28-Pound Portable Ice Maker4.2$$$
Knox Portable Ice Maker4.3$$$
Ivation High Capacity Ice Maker4.9$$$
Ivation Counter Top Ice Maker5.0$$$$$
Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker4.0$$

What Is a Portable Ice Maker and Why Do I Need One?

A portable ice maker is a counter top appliance that can sit virtually anywhere around your home bar and begin to make ice for you. It’s the perfect accessory because all you need to do is plug it in, add some water, and you’ll have ice in no time at all. They can be used for indoor and outdoor home bars so the perfect cocktail, drink on the rocks, or blended smoothie can have the perfect temperature and consistency.

Some portable ice makers have additional features which may make them a better tool to use with certain home bars.

  • Multiple ice size options. Some portable ice makers have 2-4 different ice size settings from which to choose. This lets you create the perfect ice for whatever beverage you and your guests prefer.
  • LED control panel settings. Some models allow you to instantly choose which ice size settings you want to have. There may also be temperature controls and other options that can be selected from this control panel.
  • No installation is required. Even some portable ice makers need to have a water line run to them. Look for models that allow you to just add water for the best portable solution.

For many portable ice makers, it takes just 15 minutes for fresh ice to be made. It would take most folks that long to run down to the local convenience store to pick up a bag of ice, right? With this helpful appliance, you can make upwards of 40 pounds of ice with some models over the course of one day with water you supply.

Nothing could be easier when a favorite beverage is wanted. That’s why having a portable ice maker for the home bar is so essential.

How to Find the Best Portable Ice Maker

Certain features that only certain makes and models have make the experience of owning a portable ice maker better. Having a side drainage spout, for example, makes it a lot easier to remove excess water from the appliance. Having a watertight basin inside to hold the water being converted into ice will prevent leaks, shortages, and other failures. Removable bins and ice scoops also tend to be helpful features to have on-hand.

Finding what portable ice maker can meet your needs begins with a review of the features and advantages each item brings with it. The best portable ice maker reviews you can find online will help to make that happen. When you’ve got accurate information from products that are tried and tested to see if they work like they say they will, then you’ve got an advantage in the purchasing process.

Size is also an important consideration when shopping for this appliance. You’ll want to measure out your space before beginning the shopping process to make sure the ice maker will fit where it will be stored in your home bar.

Common Problems with Portable Ice Makers and How To Solve Them 

The #1 issue with portable ice makers is that new models tend to leave a metallic or plastic taste with the first few batches that get run through the machine. It can be helpful to run a few batches first before using the machine for beverages to eliminate this potential issue. You’ll also want to make sure you thoroughly clean your ice maker before using it and every 2 weeks after.

Portable ice makers are not usually designed to hold ice overnight. If left plugged in, the ice will simply melt into the water basin and become new ice once again. You can bag the ice made and store it in a freezer, unplug and empty your appliance after every use, or just allow the unit to recycle. Filtered water tends to work the best.

These appliances, although small, also need to have clear lines in order to operate properly. When shipped to your home, those handling your package may inadvertently turn the unit upside down, causing oil or refrigerant to get clogged in the lines. For this reason, it is usually a good idea to allow your new ice maker to stand upright in its preferred location for 24-48 hours before using it to avoid a potential breakdown of the unit.

What Are the Prices of Portable Ice Makers?

Portable ice makers are a rather affordable countertop appliance that can be used in multiple locations in the home – not just your home bar. You’ll find the average cost of one with a proven performance record hovers around the $150 price point.

There are models that cost more or less than this average price point. Some have additional features which some home bar owners are going to find quite helpful. Others are basic ice makers that have few features, but are extremely compact and can even run on batteries as a power source. That’s why determining your need before looking through the best portable ice maker reviews is so important.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?


When you’re making ice for your next party, event, or meal, you don’t always need to have iced tea-sized ice cubes made. Sometimes smaller ice cubes can make a bigger impact. Sometimes larger cubes are necessary for drinks that are taken on the rocks. This particular portable ice maker holds 2+ pounds of ice in its oversized bucket and allows you to choose from 3 different ice cube sizes. You can make a batch of ice in as little as 6 minutes so even blended drinks can be made on demand. It’s a great counter top item at a great price.

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You can use both tap water or bottled water for this portable ice maker and you’ll get ice in just 10 minutes if you’re in a hurry. You can make up to 28 pounds of ice in a single day with this machine if you have time to prepare, making it perfect for the RV or trailer. The bucket stores about 2 pounds of ice at a time, so you can then put it into your cooler, drinks, or leave it in there for the ice to be recycled into more ice if necessary. This is an easy to use appliance that you’re going to love.

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Avalon Bay

There are a couple of really nice features with this portable ice maker that aren’t always found in other models at this price point. For one, it has automatic overflow protection so you don’t have to worry about a leak damaging your home bar. It also has indicator lights incorporated into the design so you know when it’s time to add water to the machine or when you need to empty ice out of it. It only offers 2 different sizes of ice, but you can have some ready in just under 6 minutes. It’s fast and effective, which is about all you can ask out of a portable ice maker.

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The reservoir size of this portable ice maker gives your home bar an advantage. Holding just under 3 liters, you’ll be able to preload this ice maker so that it can begin to make ice when you’re ready to start making it. We really liked the removable ice cube tray as it makes transferring your fresh ice to another location less messy than what other models provide. You can see how much ice is being made with the included window or wait for the indication that the machine has reached maximum capacity. It’s compact, efficient, and does an excellent job.

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At first glance, this portable ice maker seems to offer more negatives than positives. It takes 2x longer than most models to give you your first batch of ice at 15 minutes. It makes up to 28 pounds of ice over the course of one day. Then you actually begin to use this ice maker and you see what the difference really is. Many portable ice makers might make ice fast, but they don’t provide a consistent experience. It might take another hour before the next batch is ready. This model is consistent in its performance, constantly giving you ice when you need it throughout the day.

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The best portable ice maker reviews will help you find an easy way to incorporate ice into your home bar without making a trip down to the convenience store. Stop spending money and time to get something you can easily make at home. These portable ice makers are the best of the best – each one will provide your home bar with unique strengths that will make you and your guests happy.

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