The Best Scotch Whiskey Glass Reviews

Whether your budget calls for a blended scotch from the bottom shelf, or a single malt aged 25 years from the top shelf, you can directly affect the enjoyment you receive from your scotch whiskey by having a great glass. The best Scotch whiskey glass reviews will help you find the perfect glass for your preferred drink, whether you take it straight or on the rocks, so you can enjoy a beautiful aroma as the slight burn hits the back of your throat.

The Best Chart For Scotch Whiskey Glasses

We all have our preferences. Scotch whiskey is easily our drink of choice. Each of the glasses found in the chart below brings a certain advantage to the user experience so you get the most value out of your investment.

ImageNameOur RatingPrice
ImageNameOur RatingPrice
Taylor'd Milestones Diamond Etched Scotch Glass4.7$$
Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Tasting Glass4.7$$
Marquis by Waterford Double Old Fashioned Set of 44.6$$$
Bormioli Rocco Selecta 7-Piece Whiskey Gift Set4.4$$
Set of 6 Crystal Whiskey Glasses4.8$$
Sagaform Rocking Whiskey Glasses4.5$$$
Scotch Rocks Solo Gift Set4.7$$
Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glasses4.5$$$$
Epare 9 oz. Double Insulated Whiskey Glasses4.4$$
Stolzle Glencairn Whiskey Glass4.5$

Why Look For the Best Scotch Whiskey Glass?

If you’re going to spend $50, $100, or even $300 on a bottle of Scotch, then you’d better not ruin that investment with a bad glass. Although you could put your Scotch whiskey into any glass in theory, a good Scotch deserves a good glass. There is no getting around that fact, especially if you prefer your drink on the rocks.

What makes the Scotch whiskey glass unique is that it is thicker than your general spirits or wine glass. The thickness helps to insulate the beverage, keeping the temperature consistent for you. This is important for those who take their Scotch on the rocks because it prevents too much water from mixing into the whiskey itself. For those who take their drink straight, the insulated glass maintains the aroma from the aging process intact, creating a richer overall user experience.

Insulated glasses tend to come in either a squared-off shape or a rounded, tall shape. This is because both options allow for a maximum level of earthiness to be enjoyed while minimizing temperature impacts. You’ll find some half and half glasses, called “Whiskey wedges,” available where half of the glass is ice. These look neat, but all you get is cold, watery Scotch in the end and that’s a waste of your investment.

How to Find the Best Scotch Whiskey Glass?

Now let’s get serious – are you a single malt kind of person? Or do you prefer a blended version? The answer to that question will dictate what kind of Scotch whiskey glass you should purchase.

For those who prefer single malt, then the Scotch whiskey glass should have a tapered opening. This will allow the aroma of the Scotch to impact the sipping experience because the design of the glass brings the consumer’s nose toward the beverage itself. You get a whiff of the aroma before the Scotch hits the back of the throat. You’ll then get the aftertaste of the aroma afterward. Since each single malt is slightly different, even within the same brand, you receive a truly customized experience.

If you prefer the blended varieties of Scotch whiskey, then a double Old-Fashioned style of glass is your best option. There’s nothing wrong with blended Scotch because you know you’ll receive a consistent drink every time. By pouring the drink into this style of glass, you give the Scotch a chance to breathe, much like wine does within a decanter. It also provides you with room to put your drink on the rocks if you prefer, which can really enhance a blended Scotch.

Common Issues with Scotch Whiskey Glasses

How you care for your Scotch whiskey glass will also directly impact how you enjoy your preferred beverage. You should never, never, NEVER place your glasses into a dishwasher. If your glasses say they are “dishwasher safe” as part of the marketing efforts to purchase that glass, then run away as fast as you can from that product. Dish soaps, dishwasher cleansers, and even the food particles from other dishes all leave residues within the glass that is nearly impossible to remove once it gets in there.

Crystal glasses tend to be the best option as they have a better overall ability to maintain consistent temperatures. This is especially important when you’re looking at Glencairn-style glasses that are thinner and have a flair at their opening to deliver the Scotch directly to the tongue. You’ll still benefit from the individualized nature of your single malt bottle, yet be able to give a blended Scotch some character at the same time.

Some Scotch whiskey glasses look a lot like stemless wine glasses. These are best used for those who prefer a “watery” Scotch. They concentrate the heat in your environment toward the whiskey, allowing the ice to melt rather quickly. For any other way to enjoy this drink, look for either the double Old-Fashioned or the flair-style tall glasses for the best results.

What Are the Prices of the Best Scotch Whiskey Glasses?

Pricing is based on size, quality, and composition when looking at your typical Scotch whiskey glass today. It is fair to say that you should expect to pay a minimum of $10 per glass if you want a reasonably consistent experience. These glasses tend to work best for blended whiskies.

If you are a single malt person, then you should look for glasses that compliment your preferred brand first. Manufacturers like Riedel make brand-specific glasses that bring out the best in the Scotch, but this can mean you’ll pay $30-$40 per glass. At half that price point, you can find Glencairn-style and other flair-style glasses that still do a reasonably good job of bring the aroma of the Scotch to your nose as you enjoy the beverage.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Taylor’d Milestones

These diamond etched old-fashioned glasses are strong enough that they meet hotel industry standards for quality and use. They’re 10 ounces in size, so you can take your Scotch on the rocks if you like or still drink it neat. This lead-free design features crisp, clean lines that don’t monkey around with how the Scotch is delivered to your lips. It funnels the aroma of the Scotch to your nose, won’t water down your beverage by being too insulated, and gives you a set of two so you can share a drink with a friend.

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If you love savoring the flavors of your Scotch, especially if you’re a single malt individual, then this is the Scotch whiskey glass for you. This glass acts in some ways like a wine decanter, allowing the Scotch to breathe. This heightens the natural flavors and aromas of the Scotch, allowing you to enjoy the entire experience from start to finish. It turns a $50 bottle of Scotch into something like a $250 bottle. Even the wide bowl at the bottom of the glass allows you to appreciate the color of the Scotch with more depth. This is an investment you’ll want to consider.

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Marquis by Waterford

If you’re looking for classical elegance, then these old-fashioned Scotch whiskey glasses are going to deliver an incredible experience. These glasses are etched at the bottom, allowing you to use them for other drinks or cocktails if you prefer. Imported from Italy and made from lead-free crystal, these glasses are surprisingly hefty and will make sure your Scotch doesn’t get too hot or too cold, depending on your drink preference. You’re missing out if you don’t try your favorite Scotch in one of these glasses at least once.

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Bormioli Rocco

This gift set features the classic starburst patterning that so many enjoy when it comes to enjoying a nice glass of Scotch. You’ve got enough room to make it a double with these glasses if you wish, but you can also make your preferred whiskey on the rocks and receive a cold drink that isn’t too watered down. A decanter is also included with this set in case you don’t want folks to know what kind of Scotch they’re actually drinking. Maybe put your blended Scotch in there and keep the single malt for yourself? It’s tempting when you own this high quality set.

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If you’re on a tight budget, but still want to have a nice set of Scotch whiskey glasses for your home bar setup, then we highly recommend this set. At 6 ounces in size and with a slight curve and taper, these glasses will still let your Scotch breathe without it being an overwhelming experience. We loved how heavy the base of these glasses was; they’re not going to move or tip over on you just because they take a slight bump. We found that taking your Scotch neat was the best use for these glasses. They’re lead-free and dishwasher safe as added bonuses.

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The best Scotch whiskey glass reviews will help you extend the value of your favorite brand. If you haven’t taken the time to enjoy the earthy aromas and flavors that all types of Scotch have to offer, including the cheap $10 blended bottles, then consider adding glasses like these to your home bar. You won’t believe how incredible Scotch can become with the right glass, no matter how you prefer to take it.