Home Bar Glassware Must-Haves

There are literally hundreds of different types of glassware available for your home bar. Trying to figure out what your must-have options are out of that many options can be difficult. We’ve narrowed the glassware choices down to these 5 essentials. When you have these options available in your home bar, you can adequately serve almost any cocktail or beverage.

  1. The Martini Glass

The classic triangle-shaped flared-bowl design is coveted by traditionalists. Although you could conceivable serve a martini variation in almost anything, it is the garnish that becomes troublesome in alternative glasses. Sizes range from 3-12 ounces in size, so go smaller if you make stronger drinks. Go larger if you like to experiment with the modern twists on this classic drink.


  1. The Highball

These are the slender, tall glasses that you’ll often see at restaurants. There is a bit of flare to the glass, which makes them incredibly versatile. For the home bar, you’ll want this glassware available so you can serve drinks that don’t need to be shaken. Bloody Marys are excellent in this glassware, as is a gin and tonic. If you plan on putting a straw, a stirring stick, or an umbrella in the drink, then this is what you’ll want to use.


  1. The Champagne Flute

As with a martini, it just doesn’t feel right to drink Champagne out of anything but a flute. This also applies to any of the carbonated white dessert wines that you’ll find available today: think moscatos and proseccos. Any champagne or dessert wine cocktails that are being made, such as a mimosa, would also be served well in this type of glassware.


  1. The Wine Glass

You’ve got numerous options for wine glassware. You can get them in glass or in crystal. They can have stems or be stemless. They can work for both red and white wine or be specifically designed for one specific type of wine. Although the shape of the glass does matter, don’t think you need to have one type of every wine glass available for your home bar. Stick with 2-3 options based on the wines that are your personal favorites and then expand as you begin to further your wine horizons. As a general rule of thumb, wide bowl glasses are better for red wine, while small bowl glasses are better for white wine.

  1. The Old Fashioned Glass

The Old Fashioned glassware is going to allow you to serve any other drink not mentioned here. They are anywhere from 6-10 ounces in size and are perfect for drinks that are on the rocks. If you drink scotch, bourbon, or something similar, then you probably have a few of these glasses in your home already. They are also perfect for non-alcoholic beverages thanks to their thick bottom and the added insulation it provides within the glass.

These home bar glassware must-haves are a great place to get started. Keep investing over time as your tastes and interests evolve and you’ll find that it takes no time at all to have a complete glassware set.