The Best Corkscrew Reviews

You’ve got a bottle of wine. It likely has a cork in it that needs to come out. You could use a knife or some other object to try to cut that thing out, but you’ll likely spoil your wine if you do. That’s why having the best corkscrew in your possession is to your advantage. Instead of fiddling with the cork for ages, you can pop it out in no time and be enjoying a glass of your favorite wine. The best corkscrew reviews will help you find the best tool to meet your needs.

The Best Chart for Corkscrews

Finding a corkscrew might seem like a relatively easy process, but don’t be fooled. There are some really bad corkscrews on the market today that will leave you scratching your head at its performance. The chart below will help you find a high quality tool at a fair price.

ImageNameOur RatingPrice
ImageNameOur RatingPrice
Shenkitchen Professional Wine Opener3.7$
Premium Corkscrew Wine Opener5.0$$
Chef Caron Corkscrew Sommelier Edition4.9$
Rabbit Wine Opener Corkscrew4.9$$
Oenophilia Oenopull Wine Opener4.0$$
Bradshaw International Self Pull Corkscrew4.4$
Goodmans Deluxe Wine Bottle Opener4.4$$
Rabbit Original Lever Corkscrew3.5$$
Metrokane Rabbit 6 Piece Wine Opener Tool Set4.5$$

What Type of Corkscrew Is Right For You?

There are three primary styles of corkscrews that you’ll find are available right now. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so understanding what each style can do is the first step in your shopping process.

  • The double-hinged corkscrew. This corkscrew will spin into a cork easily thanks to a non-stick surface on the primary mechanism. Once inserted into the cork, the double hinge allows you to effortlessly use the leverage you’ve just created to pop out the cork. This is the style most restaurants use.
  • The double-handled corkscrew. This corkscrew has a bottle guide, which gives the corkscrew some added stability. A handle is used to turn the corkscrew into place while the frame rests on the bottle. Two handles come up as the corkscrew penetrates the cork. Then, using two hands, you leverage out the cork.
  • The basic corkscrew. This corkscrew has one handle. You spin the corkscrew into the cork and then grasp the handle. You then begin to pull out the cork, wiggling it from side to side as you would a cork puller, to remove the item.

No matter how much you decide to spend on your corkscrew, it is important to note the actual size of the coil that is going to be used. Some coils are quite short, especially when a corkscrew is marketed as being “portable,” and this can make it difficult to get the leverage you need. This is especially true when using a double-hinged corkscrew since you need to have the lever rest on the lip of the bottle for it to work properly. 

How To Find the Best Corkscrew

Having a non-stick coil has some advantages, but poorly made ones can have some disadvantages. This is especially true with cheaper models. The coating shouldn’t begin to wear off after a dozen or so bottles of wine being opened. If the coating is wearing off, you’re risking a contaminant near your wine and that’s never a good thing. A solid metal coil is typically the best solution, followed by a well-plated non-stick coil.

You’ll also find that some corkscrews are made from a high quality plastic instead of a metal. This is done to keep the pricing down on the unit while keeping it lightweight for portability. These corkscrews aren’t necessarily bad, but you’ll want to look for coils that are fairly thick to make sure that you’re receiving the best possible experience.

Then you need to take the guesswork out of your purchasing experience. It’s always good to try things before you buy them, but that can be difficult to do when shopping online. That’s why the best corkscrew reviews should be used to your advantage. With relevant information about how these products can be used, you’ll know what barware has the chops to open a bottle of wine consistently and which does not.

What about Lever-Based Corkscrews?

A fourth category of corkscrew is sometimes included in guides such as these: the lever corkscrew. To use it, you would first place the corkscrew on top of the bottle that needs to be opened, using a positioning bar, usually made from brass or stainless steel, to secure it. A squeeze trigger then allows you to place a thin, lightly wound coil directly into the cork. Once the corkscrew is in place, you would then use a lever on top of the corkscrew to remove the cork.

This type of corkscrew is particularly useful for individuals suffering from wrist injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. The process is virtually automated, with the exception of the squeeze trigger and lever mechanism; however, these corkscrews are usually defined as a manual wine bottle opener.

There’s also the size consideration to think about with this type of opener. Corkscrews are thin, compact, and small. They’re designed to fit inside your average kitchen drawer. A lever-based corkscrew, on the other hand, must almost always sit on top of the counter because of how big the unit happens to be. It eliminates the twisting and turning a traditional corkscrew requires as well, which are additional reasons for the difference in classification.

The bottom line is this: if you struggle with a traditional corkscrew, but don’t like the idea of an electric model, then invest into a lever-based corkscrew and it will be an effective compromise.

What Are the Prices of the Best Corkscrews?

Basic corkscrews tend to be the cheapest option, while double-hinged corkscrews tend to have a premium price tag associated with them. You’ll find that many basic corkscrew models can be purchased for less than $10 in most circumstances. Double-handled corkscrews tend to be priced in the $10-$20 range, while double-hinged models typically start around $15 and tend to top out around the $50 mark.

Additional features, such as foil cutters, may also cause the pricing to be slightly higher than the price points listed above.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?


Have you ever noticed how difficult some corks can be to pull out? This is especially true for artificial corks that are used in some of today’s more affordable bottles of wine. This 6-in-1 corkscrew kit will turn that difficulty into a simple chore that can remove virtually any cork in about 3 seconds. The foil cutter works very reliably and we love the fact that two bottle stoppers are included so you can vertically store leftover wine instead of having it go to waste. This corkscrew even comes with a 5 year warranty.

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The ultimate problem, that corkscrew users face, is inconsistency. This is because the coil of the corkscrew may not be long enough or it may not have a firm enough plating on it. This particular corkscrew not only has a beautiful red color that is difficult to scratch, but the levering mechanism allows almost anyone to open up a bottle of wine. Although the process looks complicated, just a couple shifts of the lever lets you pop out a cork and remove it for this useful tool. It’s a great addition to any bar.

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Stone Cask

This corkscrew offers users the traditional design of which many are quite familiar. Users need to screw the corkscrew manually into the cork. This will then give users access to a lever they can press, which leverages out the cork. The coils on this corkscrew are nice and tight, so even if the cork has become wet or was damaged when inserted into the bottle, you’ll be able to remove it without putting bits of cork into your wine. We really loved the value this corkscrew is able to provide.

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Chef Caron

This corkscrew, at first glance anyway, is reminiscent of a Swiss Army Knife. It folds up nicely so it can slide into a pocket, yet attaches to your bottle so you get plenty of leverage to pull out even the toughest of corks. It can stand up to the wear and tear of daily restaurant use, so it can definitely provide your home bar with an essential tool you’re going to need. It’s really easy to use, looks incredible when you’re using it, and lets you access your favorite bottle of wine in just seconds.

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The best corkscrew reviews will help you find an easy way to open up your favorite bottle of wine. Stop dealing with the hassles of artificial corks or stubborn toppers right now. Pick up one of these tools today and you’ll be able to open up bottles of wine at your home bar for years to come.