How to Build a Home Bar

For the DIY expert, knowing how to build a home bar can save them a remarkable amount of cash. You can sometimes pay less than $1 per square foot to build your own bar. Some options require no painting or finishing either. Here is how you can get started.

  1. Measure Your Space

You’ll need to measure your space at least twice to make sure you get your cuts right. Once that happens, you can begin to construct the frame. Whether you’re using steel, aluminum, or wood, you’ll need to have a solid frame in place to support the components being added later on. A standard square frame generally works best.

  1. Consider the Elements

Once the frame is in place, you’ll be constructing the exterior of the bar. This is where you attach your preferred elements to the existing frame. This could be wood paneling, sheet metal, or anything else that can be cut to size. There is no real limit here to what can be done, so go with your gut and what you think will look great.

  1. Install Your Shelving

 Once the exterior of the bar has been completed, you’re ready to install any shelving you want to have from the interior of the bar. If you’re creating a locked cabinet or want doors installed, this is the time to do that as well. When the shelving and cabinetry has been installed, you’ll want to begin the finishing process. It is much easier to finish a bar without the top on because it will dry better.

  1. Install Your Bar Top

There are numerous options available for these parts of the home bar build. A large slab of your favorite wood works just as well as a long piece of durable sheet metal. Consider using counter top materials, such as granite, for a low maintenance finish that is durable. Instead of shelling out the cost of a custom counter top, however, visit your local stone supply distributor to see if they have leftover slabs you can pick up at a discount. Then you can frame these slabs into your bar for a beautiful and custom look.

  1. To Tap or Not to Tap

Beer doesn’t last very long – maybe about a month. Having a tap with a refrigerated keg can be a great addition to the home bar, but you might be shedding tears at the end of the month when you dump gallons of a favorite beer down the drain. If you don’t drink a lot of beer, stick with a small cooler that can work with your bar to keep the bottles cold.

Knowing how to build a home bar can save you a ton of cash. It can also help you customize your space better while offering some unique looks that commercial all-in-one bar systems don’t offer. Consider these ideas today, put your DIY skills to work, and you could c