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“Are you going to grab a couple kegs for the party?” It’s a question that is commonly asked. You then go out, rent a keg or two, have a good time, and hope no one damages the kegs so you can get your security deposit. Don’t you wish there was a better way to have a great time while enjoying the comfort and convenience of your home bar? There is thanks to the best kegerator reviews which are available right here.

The Best Chart for Kegerator Reviews

How do you know what kegerator is going to meet your needs? The chart below is a great place to start. You’ll get to see in just a glance, which kegerators make the grade and deserve to be researched further.

ImageNameOur RatingPrice
ImageNameOur RatingPrice
EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser4.3$$$
Nostalgia Kegorator Draft Beer Dispenser3.6$$$
EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler4.5$$$
Versonel Kegerator Beer Fridge Dispenser3.9$$$$
Kegco Dual Faucet Digital Kegerator4.6$$$$
EdgeStar Dual Tap Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser3.9$$$
Kegco Kegerator Conversion Kit for Old Fridges4.6$
Kegco Full Size Kegerator4.4$$$$

What Is a Kegerator?

In basic terms, a kegerator is a beverage dispensing device. It can hold virtually any type of liquid, but let’s just be honest: it’s going to hold beer. When installed for your home bar, this appliance provides a chilled beer whenever you want to have one. You can even tap a kegerator so you can provide beers on tap for family and friends – and two for yourself, of course.

This refrigerated appliance allows home bar owners to maintain their beer for an extended period of time. Many beers can be stored for up to 60 days without losing any quality to the flavor of the beer. If you and your guests consume a lot of beer when you get together, you’ll be able to save up to 60% on the price of the beer you’re already buying and each pint your pour will taste fresher than what you get from store-bought cans or bottles.

Which Kegerator Is Right For You?

To find the kegerator that will best meet your needs, you’ll need to decide what kind of beer you’ll want to keep stocked for your home bar. This is because the most crucial part of the kegerator, the coupler, is what lets you quickly connect or disconnect hoses from the appliance. Different beers have different standards for couplers. For example:

  • American beers perform best when using a System D coupler.
  • European beers perform best when using a System S coupler.
  • If you prefer a stout or ale, you may wish to use a System U coupler for best results.

To find which style is right for you, the best kegerator reviews will provide you with specific information about each make and model so you can find the appliance that is right for your home bar. Where does the CO2 tank sit? Will you need any tools to complete your installation or does it just slide right into place? What is the quality of the tap or tower and does the drip tray actually do what it is supposed to do?

Choose the beer that you’ll want to have. Consider having multiple kegerators if you want multiple beers on tap or if you, your family, and your friends consume large quantities of it on a regular basis. Think about where it will be installed and what features you need. Then go through each review carefully before making a purchase because that’s the best way to make the best possible purchase the first time around.

What About Portable Kegerators?

An emerging design in the kegerator industry is the portable model. These smaller kegerators hold one or two 5 liter kegs that can be chilled on your counter top or your preferred location. Many of these “mini kegs” often have a built-in CO2 discharging system when you purchase the beer already, so having a kegerator with the same system just ends up doubling your cost.

It is also important to note that these smaller kegs also cut the time the beer can be stored in half. It is recommended that any remaining beer be discarded after 30 days when using portable kegerators, compared to the 60 days of a regular-sized unit.

What About a Kegerator Conversion Kit?

Compared to the cost of a kegerator, an investment into a kegerator conversion kit can seem like a tempting proposition. If you have an old refrigerator or freezer that you’re not using any more, you might be able to convert it into a beer-dispensing machine with the right equipment. This may allow you to use multiple kegs in one appliance, but you’ll need some DIY skills to install the equipment that will convert an old appliance into a new kegerator.

Kits come with the instructions necessary to get this done, but may not provide you with an advantage. Do you really want an old refrigerator with your home bar setup? Does the old freezer slip into the spot where you can properly tap it with your home bar? There are numerous challenges that a kegerator conversion kit brings with it that may not always make it worth the reduced price you’ll pay for the kit when compared to a brand new kegerator.

What Are the Prices of Kegerators Today?

A full size kegerator on Amazon today will cost you about $399. If you want additional features, such as having a dual top (tap?) option, a freestanding option, or to have your new appliance be made from stainless steel, then you may find a price tag which exceeds $600. Miniature kegerators which will hold the mini kegs that some beer manufacturers produce are typically priced in the $175 range and have a dispenser built into the unit, but will only hold a handful of pints.

If you’re thinking about a conversion kit, prices tend to start around the $150 mark. For a high quality conversion kit that can provide ultra-low temperatures, however, you’re going to pay around $350 for the equipment. An extra $50 can therefore get you the best-selling kegerator on Amazon right now without the DIY work needed to have a cold beer.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Kegco Dual Faucet

Unlike other kegerators, you’ve got to think of the thermostat on this model as more of a guide than an exact science. Give yourself a five degree window on either side to gauge how cold or warm your beer is going to be. That’s a challenge if you like your beer ultra-cold. Setting it near freezing might actually cause you to create beer icicles instead of a cold pint. Having the temperature adjuster on the outside of the kegerator is nice.

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We actually had no problems with the CO2 tank. We’ve seen how some users have developed leaks after a refill or two and this has caused them to purchase a new tank. There is an included warranty that protects against defects – make sure to take advantage of this if you don’t want to spend $50 on a new tank should something happen. When looking at this kegerator, we could see how a keg could cause one of the lines to get a kink if someone wasn’t careful with the installation process. Otherwise the lines are long enough to prevent excessive foam. The tap has the right tension to it as well, so the experience winds up being a lot of fun.

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You’re able to fit two C-type kegs inside this unit and the CO2 tank as well. There is no need for an outside mounting like you’ll find other kegerators require. There’s even a raised area where you can store your yeast cultures if you make your own home brew and want to serve it at your bar. It is one of the few all-in-one solutions for those who love something other than macro-brew. For the most part, the regulator and CO2 tank combination is pretty effective. There are times when you begin to run low on CO2 that you might find yourself having a flat beer or one that has just a little too much head for your preference. Swap out your tank for a new one or get it refilled to deal with this issue.

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EdgeStar Full Sized

This particular kegerator comes setup to use pin lock kegs. If you prefer ball lock kegs instead, there are conversion kits readily available so you can make sure the beer is able to continue flowing. NSF approved beer lines route up to your tap and are relatively easy to install. You’ll place the keg inside the kegerator and then the CO2 cartridge fits on the outside of the machine. All in all, this entire setup is pretty easy to install and that is its greatest feature.

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Because of the PSI of this unit, a foamy beer can definitely be a problem. The regulator operates on a basic switch that turns it on and off, so you’re going to receive one experience only. If you don’t make sure the switch is completely turned off, then the CO2 may bleed out and require another filling, which may not always be easy to accomplish. This is an entry-level kegerator for those who tend to prefer a macro-draft that will store around 40F and have a consistent flavor. If you like a micro-brew or you prefer something a little more custom than a macro brand name, you might find that this kegerator isn’t going to stand up to your demands.

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The best kegerator reviews will help you put beer on tap for your home bar quickly and affordably. Let the good times flow with a gentle pull of the tap thanks to these awesome additions to your current setup. There’s never a bad time to enjoy a fresh beer.

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