Home Bar Design Ideas

Outside of the kitchen, the home bar is one of the most popular social places in the home. It can be a place of laughter, fun, or even quiet contemplation. Unlike other rooms, the home bar offers a fixed point. The eye automatically goes to the bar first and the remainder of the atmosphere second. That’s why these home bar design ideas will help you to craft the perfect place for you, your family, and your friends to unwind.

  1. The L-Shaped Home Bar

 What is nice about the L-shaped home bar design is that it gives the room it is in some definition. It creates a partition where the host/hostess can feel like they still have their own space, but can still be social as well. The added seating room is nice for those who entertain often. Consider using darker tones for this type of bar, such as mahogany, for a rich and traditional look.

  1. The Mini Bar 

We’re not talking about the bar you’ll find in a hotel room with tiny bottles of your favorite beverages. This is simply a small bar that you can place in virtually any room to give the atmosphere some extra life. Traditionalists are going to prefer a wood mini bar, but those with modern taste might opt for a sturdy aluminum or stainless steel option. A mini bar has limited storage space, so it’s more for private use or an evening with close friends.

  1. The Corner Bar

In the average room, the most neglected place is the corner. There might be shelf in there, a chair, or maybe a television, but that’s about it. A corner bar can be L-shaped, V-shaped, or a straight bar depending on the size and scope of the space. You still get good storage space with this option, with the home bar design taking up less overall room space to have it. This is a great option if you already have an interior design you love, but want to add the bar to it.

  1. The Outdoor Bar

One of the best things about the average adult beverage is that you can’t actually freeze it because of the alcohol content. Of course you could freeze a beer or other low alcohol item, but is that what you’re going to store in a home bar? That low alcohol beverage goes into a cooler or fridge, right? Right. Place your home bar outside on your patio under some cover to protect it from the elements, stick a lock on your stock, and you’ll have a wonderful place to entertain come winter or summer.

  1. The Bar Cart 

Why have a bar stuck in just one room when you could take the bar into any room? That’s the idea of the bar cart. This type of bar is great for poker nights and other social events because you can bring it to wherever the action is. This allows you to keep portions of your home private while still being able to show everyone a good time.

These home bar design ideas are designed to get your creative juices flowing. Consider your space, what your needs for a bar will be, and then settle on the design that meets the most needs for the best price.