Small Home Bar Ideas

Not every home has a lot of space for a home bar. These small home bar ideas will help you to make the most of your available room without cluttering up the room. Some of these ideas can even work in an apartment or flat!

  1. The Corner Small Bar

If you have an unused corner,  you have the perfect place for a small home bar. You’ll need to build it out from the corner, so it will be more of a self-service bar than the traditional option. Because it’s against the wall, you can quickly install running water into the bar if you have nearby plumbing. A cabinet or hutch can store your glassware, barware, and other needed items.

  1. The Archway Bar

Kitchens today often have a small archway that looks out into one of the other adjoining rooms. It’s done to provide the home with good sight lines. It could also be a great place to place a small home bar. Turn the bottom of the arch into a counter top that extends into the adjoining room. You can then use bar stools to access this counter or you can build stools that are supported by the wall itself. Then you can just keep your entire collection of bar essentials in the kitchen.

  1. The Shelf and Cart Bar

 If you’re really limited on space, then consider this small home bar idea. Install two or three shelves along a wall where you’ll have enough space to keep a small cart underneath it. You can then place your bar essentials on the shelves and your preferred liquors on the cart. Remember that some items need to be refrigerated, so don’t store them here. This is the perfect option for those who are renting because the shelves can move with you and wall damage is minimal and easy to repair.

  1. The Counter Top Addition

A trend in small home bars that has become increasingly popular is to extend a kitchen counter top to turn it into a home bar. If your cabinetry extends along one wall, then turn it into an L-shaped counter top instead. You’ll have seating for 3-4 people in most designs, added storage space for bar essentials, and a natural gathering place in your home for dinners, entertaining, and more.

  1. The Pantry Bar

Many homes today have a small pantry closet that is close to the kitchen. With little effort, this can become the perfect small home bar. The shelving is already in place. There might even be an outlet in there as well. Install lighting if needed, place a small sink in there if you wish, or run a kegerator that just sits on the floor. You’ve got plenty of choices with this type of option.

These small home bar ideas prove that every home can have a bar included with its interior design. Look around your space, see which of these ideas would work, and then plan to create your own custom bar solution today.