The Best Bar Stool Reviews

Having a home bar is nice, but it should also be comfortable. You might have companion sitting around the room where you keep your home bar, but you should have a few bar stools available as well if you have a traditional bar setting. How do you find which bar stools are going to work best with your current setup? By reading the best bar stool reviews, of course!

The Best Chart for Bar Stools

Some bar stools have high backs for extra support. Others are made with metallic seating for a low maintenance solution. Different heights, seating styles, and other options may also be available. The chart below will help you find some solutions to your seating requirements.

ImageNameOur RatingPrice
ImageNameOur RatingPrice
Winsome Wood 24 Inch Stools4.7$
Coaster 29-Inch Swivel Dining Barstool4.0$$
Coaster Contemporary Style Counter Height Stool4.2$$$
Home Styles Black and Distressed Bar Stool4.0$$
Coaster Set of 2 Contemporary Counter Stools4.2$$$
Joveco 30 Inch Sheet Metal Frame Bar Stools4.8$$$
Linon Allure Stool Fabric Top Stool4.1$
Winsome Wood 24 Inch Swivel Bar Stool4.2$
Winsome Wood 29 Inch Saddle Seat Bar Stool4.1$
Hillsdale Montello 32 Inch Swivel Bar Stool w/ Back4.5$$$$

How to Find the Perfect Bar Stool

Have you ever found what looks to be the perfect bar stool, only to find that the overhang for your home bar is too shallow or too large to accommodate your purchase? Then you’ve got to go through the hassle of returning the bar stool you thought would work – assuming you can even make a return. You’ll want to have your bar stools be about 10-12 inches lower than the counter height of the bar itself.

When you’re measuring the actual height of the bar stool, it is important to remember to measure to the seat. When the stool has a back to it, a common error is to measure the back instead of the seat, which throws off the accuracy of the process.

Stool height isn’t the only measurement to consider. The width of the seat compared to the spacing of the home bar is also important to think about. The average person needs about 30 inches of space to avoid having others intrude into their intimate circle of personal space when sitting at a bar. Measure out the width of the bar and consider the overall width of the stools in addition to height for the best possible experiences.

What Is the Best Bar Stool for Me? 

Bar stools need to be functional, but they also contribute to the overall atmosphere of the area where they are placed. This means the decorative elements, which are included with the bar, stool also need to be taken into consideration. When shopping for a new bar stool, there are four basic design elements that are available today. Which one is right for your home bar setup?

  • Traditional bar stools. This type of stool is an upright seat with no backing. The seat may or may not be padded. It typically has ornate styling to it in some way, but can be simple and straightforward as well.
  • Modern bar stools. These bar stools are usually made from some sort of metal. They typically have a molded seat that has a small back to it. These bar stools may be adjustable, have foot rest placements, and sometimes have plastic or wooden elements incorporated into the design as well.
  • Transitional bar stools. It’s tough to call some of these bar stool designs anything but a chair. They look exactly like a tall chair, right down to the padded seat and decorative back. These bar stools are perfect for home bars that are used for several purposes throughout the day or function as the dining table for the family. This type of seating is also highly portable for other purposes throughout the home.
  • Rustic bar stools. These bar stools incorporate the feeling of a country setting. Many of these stools appear to be handmade or feel like they belong on the country farm. They won’t work for every setup, but can be aesthetically impressive if your interior design is somewhat rustic already.

The best bar stool reviews will help you find seating that is comfortable, functional, and beautiful. Consider these options and you’ll be able to begin finding top-rated items that fit within your current budget.

How to Care for Your Bar Stool

Bar stools may be a low maintenance seating option, but they still require a little bit of care every now and then. For wooden bar stools, use a furniture polish to help give your seating that beautiful shine. Upholstery needs to be spot cleaned to avoid stains and should be steam-cleaned at least once per year to avoid uncomfortable odors. Use leather cleaning products for leather-clad bar stools and use protective materials to guard against pet damage – especially if you own cats.

Having leather and upholstery patches on-hand for a quick repair is also a good idea.

What Are the Prices of the Best Bar Stools?

You can certainly find bar stools at a budget price today online – around $35 per stool can get you some basic seating options. That’s great for some folks, but those entry-level stools are far from comfortable. For something that fits within your interior design scheme and provides comfort, expect to pay at least $75 per bar stool. Some transitional options are going to be easily priced in the $125-$175 range.

It all depends on what you hope to get out of your home bar setup. If this is going to be where you and your buddies play poker, where your family gathers for meals, and where you entertain the neighborhood for the big game, then you’ll want to invest in quality seating. If it will just be used occasionally, then you can get away with more of the basic options that are available today.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?


This bar stool gives you the classic experience for your home bar. Available in 24 inch or 30 inch models, the dark wood makes a complimentary addition to virtually any interior design. These stools ship fully assembled as well, eliminating the need to figure out if there are missing parts. Although there is no actual padding or support to these stools, they are still remarkably comfortable. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to expand your seating, these bar stools offer a lot of value to just about anyone.

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Although these stools are a little awkward for some home bars at 29 inches, there is no denying the comfort they provide. They offer a saddle seating design that provides support right around the hip and upper thigh. This helps to keep you in place while the two different heights of support balusters allow for comfortable foot rests. The build of the bar stool is nice and sturdy as well, so larger folks aren’t going to worry if the bar stool can support them. If the height works for your setup, we highly recommend this stool as a seating option.

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Home Styles

Not every bar stool needs to have a flat un-cushioned top. Sometimes chair-like seating is to your advantage, especially when your home bar is doubling as a dining table, a poker area, or other needs. That’s why we love this bar stool so much. It combines the best of what a chair can provide with the best that a bar stool can provide. You can lean back and settle in with the comfortable molded wooden seating or you can sit up to push your chips all-in and feel confident you made the right choice. With two-tone aesthetics, you’ll want to give this bar stool a closer look.

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If you like the idea of having a padded bar stool, but you don’t like the idea of having a stool that looks more like a chair for a dining set, then this might be your best option. The thick fabric top on this 24 inch bar stool is remarkably comfortable. You just settle into the stool and your back naturally assumes the posture it needs for support. You won’t feel fatigued even if you find yourself sitting on this stool for a long period of time. Mixing classical elegance with modern functionality, the price is also nice on this stool and makes it worth a look.

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This is the most elegant of the bar stools that are available at this price point. Contoured to be ergonomically supportive, yet clad in leather for luxury and comfort, this bar stool completely changes how you view your home bar. We particularly love the old steel finish look that supports the leather components, giving this bar stool an aged feeling even though it is brand new. This bar stool is also one of the few at this price point that will swivel 360 degrees so you don’t have to worry about turning your body and spilling your drink. You’re going to love this bar stool from the first moment you sit in it.

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The best bar stool reviews will help you find the perfect seating for your home bar. If you need counter seating for your kitchen or other area of the home, add a few more bar stools to create consistency with your interior design for even more elegance. Your home bar deserves to be a comfortable atmosphere for you, your family, and your friends. These are the bar stools that will help to make that happen.