Popular Bar Signs for Your Home Bar

Memorabilia is what makes a home bar unique. It allows you to personalize the environment around the bar, yet still creates a welcoming environment that is warm and friendly. The popular bar signs you use should have some sort of personal meaning behind them, yet be a familiar enough brand, saying, or image that each guest can relate to what they see in some way.

Here are some of the best options to accomplish the perfect look.

  1. Coca-Cola Merchandise. Coca-Cola has a global brand saturation rate of 96%. It’s part of Americana, yet also a globally recognized icon as well. You’ve got numerous options for signs, images, and even products with which to stock your bar. Although you might not want to go overboard and completely cover your home bar with Coke stuff, an item or two here or there won’t steer you wrong.
  1. Old Family Photos. Going to the bar means having a good time, but it also means remembering the good ol’ days from the past. This is the place to put up the memories your family created in the past. The black and white photo of Grandpa sitting in front of his vintage pickup, old vacation photos, and other moments are a perfect addition.
  1. Go with the neon. Neon signs can be made to say virtually anything today. You’ll often find home bars have neon signs that represent a favorite sports team, but with a small investment they can say anything you want. It will give your home bar a professional feeling when you’re entertaining.
  1. Give it a name. Every home bar should have a name. It can be named after you, which is common, but you can take this to the next level. Create something unique that is reminiscent of the pub culture. You could be “The End of the World” or “The Rooster and Boar” or whatever suits your fancy. Then have a custom sign created with your name to hang behind your bar.
  1. A sign, which dictates your house rules. Every bar needs to have a few rules – even the home bar. Now many of these can be tongue and cheek, but you still need to have some structure in place just in case one of your friends has one too many and you need them to leave.
  1. Have a good pun. Having a good laugh should always happen at the home bar. Funny signs can help to make that happen. A good slogan usually has a pun to it, such as “In dog beers, I’ve had just one.” A personal favorite: “Let’s have a hoptical illusion together.” Maybe you can listen to the “Grand Ol’ Hopry” while having a drink. After all, you’re “only as old ale as you feel.” We’re just being “brewtally honest.”

Ok – we’ll stop.

Having a home bar should be a fun experience. It should also be welcoming to everyone who stops on by for a visit. These popular bar signs for your home bar can help to make that happen. Consider these ideas, add in a few of your own, and you’ll create the perfect interior design.