The Best Beer Fridge Reviews

When you need a cold one, you shouldn’t need to make your way to the kitchen and back every time you need a refill. You also shouldn’t need to force your guests to jam their hands into a cooler filled with ice that quickly turns into really cold water. Eliminate the mess, the stress, and increase your home bar enjoyment thanks to the best beer fridge reviews, found right here.

The Best Chart for Beer Fridges

Are you tired of unpleasant surprises when you bring home something fun for your bar? Eliminate those surprises with solid information. The chart below lets you quickly see what beer fridges are going to provide you with a high quality experience.

ImageNameOur RatingPrice
ImageNameOur RatingPrice
Whynter Beverage Refrigerator4.1$$$
Krups and Heineken BeerTender4.0$$$$
Koolatron 6-Can Mini Fridge3.8$
Koldfront 80 Can Beverage Cooler3.8$$$$$
Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator3.8$$$
Nostalgia Full Size Kegorator3.6$$$$$
Danby Stainless Steel Beverage Center4.1$$
RCA 3.2 Cu Ft Fridge, Black3.8$$
Avanti 1.7-Cubic Foot Superconductor Beverage Fridge4.0$$

The Advantages of Owning a Beer Fridge

You don’t need something fancy for your home bar to make sure you’ve got cold beer available whenever you need it. When you don’t consume enough beer for a kegerator to make sense, then a beer fridge for your home bar is the next best option.

Why choose a dedicated refrigerator for your preferred brew? Because you are then able to receive some specific advantages:

  • You get to customize the serving temperature. When your beer is in a multipurpose refrigerator, then your beer has to adjust to the other items being stored. Can you really keep eggs at 33F safely?
  • You get to choose the size of your fridge. There are so many different makes and models of beer fridges today that you can select one that perfectly matches the space you have with your home bar. There are even counter top options that hold a six pack at the perfect temperature if you’re severely limited on space.
  • You get to keep track of how much beer is being consumed. When you have a beer fridge behind your home bar, then you are naturally restricting access to the brew. People won’t feel welcome to just randomly take one when they want one like they do when you’re using your primary refrigerator.

You can plug your beer fridge into a standard outlet. Energy efficient options will limit the increase in your utility bills. In return, you can stock your fridge with as much or as little beer so you’ll always have the right amount to meet your needs. And, when you’ve got some quality “me time,” you won’t have to interrupt your Zen just to grab a fresh cold one.

How to Find the Right Beer Fridge for Me

Beer fridges range from the very basic models, which offer temperature control and storage space, to premium models that are jam-packed with features. To find the best beer fridge to meet your needs, you’ll first want to evaluate what features are going to be necessary to compliment your home bar setup.

Here are just a few of the features that you’ll find available as you read through the best beer fridge reviews.

  • LED lighting. If your home bar needs some extra atmosphere, you can install a beer fridge with internal LED lighting in various color schemes. Ever wanted to see what a can of beer looks like under blue lighting? Now you can make that happen.
  • Door windows. Your basic beer fridge has a solid door. An upgraded beer fridge has a window in the door to let you see how many cans or bottles of beer you have left. The premium beer fridge has an anti-frost window that will let your vision of beer stay clear unless you’ve had one too many.
  • Adjustable shelving. Some beer fridges allow you to reshape the shelving in the fridge to accommodate both cans and bottles. Others are product specific. Some allow you to stock cans and bottles at the same time. There’s really no bad decision with this feature.

The bottom line is this: your beer fridge should be an integral part of your home bar. You can make it become the central conversation piece or it can become one of several beverage options that you provide when entertaining. Match up the features to what you want your beer fridge to do, even if that means having an automatic can or bottle feed, and you’ll find that this appliance will be a solid investment that always pays dividends.

What about Portable Beer Fridges?

In a world where online rankings reign supreme, you’ll find that some beer coolers are being labeled as a “best beer fridge” option. It’s just not true. You can’t call a Styrofoam cooler a solid beer fridge. The most portable a beer fridge becomes is the small counter top options that are more of a sweet gimmick than anything else. They cost around $50, sometimes are as cheap as $20, and at best you can hold six cans or maybe 2-3 bottles of beer. It’s a fun piece, but not something that will give you all the features a real beer fridge will provide.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the portability a beer cooler can provide. When you’re out fishing, you can’t take a 200 can beer fridge with you onto the canoe, right? Read the listing for a portable beer fridge very carefully before deciding to purchase it so you’re not stuck with some buyer’s remorse.

What Are the Prices of the Best Beer Fridges?

A beer fridge is a home appliance, so you’re not going to find many value-priced options. Expect to pay at least $200 for a beer fridge that has a reasonable amount of storage space. If you want a fridge to hold up to 100 bottles of beer at the same time, you may find the price tag to be in the $400-$600 range, depending on the number of features that you want to have for your home bar setup.

You may be able to save some cash by purchasing a fridge that works with soda and juice cans in addition to beer. Keep in mind, however, that beer-specific appliances provide the best results for your home bar. When on a budget, however, these multipurpose appliances can give you what you need.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?


We checked the temperature configuration before actually taking a look at the Whynter beverage refrigerator. It’s rated to provide a temperature range from the high 30’sF to about 60F. When we stocked the fridge, we noticed that it has the reverse effect that many dual zone fridges have. A dual zone fridge will be warmer on the top. This Whynter fridge is actually colder on top. On the coldest setting, we actually experienced below-freezing temperatures around our beverages.

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When you review beer fridges, kegerators, and other beverage dispensing products across the industry, you’ll find that most makes and models have one key issue: inconsistent temperatures. Of course you can set a thermostat to be super cold and this will give you a refreshingly wonderful pint when you need it, but there is no specificity to how cold that beer is going to be. Sometimes your beer might be just above freezing. At other times, the beer might actually taste like it’s been being stored at room temperature. Your home bar deserves more than an inconsistent tap, right?

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You’ll find Coca-Cola branded items are a large part of many Americana collections today. Although this fridge is suitable for such a collection, it provides more than just tasteful aesthetics. This is a thermoelectric fridge, which means it cools down the ambient atmosphere around it to make sure your favorite beverages are cold. It can drop internal temperatures inside the fridge to 32 degrees below what your outside temperatures happen to be.

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There are two issues that come out of the negative reviews you’ll find online about this particular beverage cooler: consistency and longevity of use. In terms of consistency, the primary complaint is that the cooling fan may cycle on and off repeatedly throughout the day. For energy efficient units, this is rather normal. Even automobiles have consistent cycling to conserve energy and improve gas mileage. It seems like it takes more power, but it really doesn’t unless it is the compressor which is constantly cycling. In terms of longevity, this stop-start cycling can reduce the lifespan of the fan.

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Your home bar is ready for an upgrade. You’ve stocked it with your favorite spirits and mixers, but you want some fresh beer around as well. You could purchase bottles or cans of your favorite brand, right? Or you could invest into the Nostalgia kegerator to have one of the easiest draft beer solutions  on the market today. You literally install your favorite keg, connect the lines, and you’re ready to have a fresh pint. Nothing could be simpler.

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The best beer fridge reviews will help you to find a way keep your favorite brews cold and ready. If you want to have a good time, whether you’re on your own or you’re entertaining a large group of family and friends, then this is the appliance your home bar needs. Find yours today and enjoy cold beer as soon as tomorrow.